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Online Marketing

Provista IT Solutions caters to all the demands of online marketing company. To acquire the power of efficacious digitalization, the company follows 4 simple steps:

More & more conversions, Market Evaluation,
Payment Gateway, Grievance Handling

Display Advertising

Our display advertisements on the internet are in the form of banners that include text, images& videos. By associating with our experienced technical team, you can be assured...

When we ask any business; be it small or mid-sized, if digital marketing is a priority, 90 percent out of 100% say yes! This is simply because the buying process has undergone a drastic change as compared to the previous times. Today's prospects use internet to search for the products & services & evaluate wide variety of available choices digitally. Thus, it's quite obvious that if prospects are unable to find you easily when they search or your online presence is not remarkable, then you have missed a great opportunity!

Provista works on 4 core components of digital marketing:

1. Finding robust solutions for your business by utilizing optimum resources

2. Managing customer relationship across a variety of platforms

3. Instant response to customer reactions

4. Coping up with the technological innovations

Provista IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps boost your online presence by outreaching through paid campaigns, email campaigns, SEO, SMM & engaging customers with catchy content. All in all you get a one-stop solution for your digital needs:

Online Marketing:

Provista IT Solutions caters to all the demands of online marketing company. To acquire the power of efficacious digitalization, the company follows 4 simple steps:

1. More & more conversions: We offer B2B and B2C digital marketing channels to optimize your business operations over the web. This is done with the help of email marketing, display advertising, PPC (pay per click) & SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Market Evaluation: Provista IT Solutions strive to improve your businesses' digital presence by evaluating business strategies & drafting performance improvement agendas on timely basis. We hold your hand at each step for conducting thorough market analysis to embark on the journey of market leader.

3. Payment Gateway: We offer simple, safe & secured payment gateway for online payments. We very well understand the sensitivity & confidentiality of various transactions on your website & thus, assure 100% security.

4. Grievance Handling: Satisfactory clarification of customer queries is the practice followed by Provista IT Solutions. We take the pleasure to help our clients in the best possible way we can.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (an acronym for Search Engine Optimization) is a vital component to make your website visible at the top of search results. Fortunately, we are at the fore-front of SEO industry by coping up with the latest innovations & creating an effective link building strategy to produce desired results. You can expect the following things from us:

  • Link building
  • Page rank flow
  • Page analysis
  • White hat SEO
  • Constant top ranking of your website
  • Google Ad Words management

All-in-all, you get a healthy organic & inorganic web presence in today's dynamic marketing channels.


Social Media Marketing:

"Enhance your Social Media Conversions with us"

60% of the young audiences spend their spare time on social media; a big motivation for the brands to create online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & many more….

Social Media channels have revolutionized the way of advertising. With a clear-cut understanding of different social media platforms & your requirements, we at Provista IT Solutions offer professional social media marketing services. You can go through various reasons to associate with us:

1. Know-how: From Facebook & Twitter to LinkedIn & Pinterest, we offer vivid algorithms for each of these platforms. We are also specialized in online reputation management of the companies.

2. Social Networking: Provista IT Solutions takes pride in offering unique & effective social media marketing resources. From blogging to video advertising, we provide full support to help you excel in different segments.

3. Latest Converging Technologies: We have the knowledge of leveraging social media tactics to take your brand to apex.


Pay Per Click:

PPC (an acronym for Pay Per Click) is an online advertising model that directs traffic on the website. Here, the advertiser bears the cost each time when the ad is clicked.

Our service offerings:

Irrespective of the size & nature of your business, Provista IT Solutions offer optimal PPC strategies to generate huge traffic on your website that helps boost conversions. An array of PPC services offered by the company includes:

Google Ad Words: We help boost your web traffic by creating effective Google Ad Words campaigns that escalate your sales ultimately.
Google Product Listing: We help you list your products & services on Google's listings.
Social Media Ads: From display advertising (image, text & video) to sponsored advertisements, our tech experts possess skills & expertise to leverage your diverse channels.
Landing Pages: Our team has vast experience in designing innovative web pages to help you capture more & more leads.
Split testing services
Conversion tracking & analysis
Competitor analysis
Advanced optimization techniques
Researching keywords


E-mail Marketing:

Whether you want to promote your product, share news or a story or send catchy messages on discounts & offers, our e-mail marketers create best-in-class e-mail campaigns to attract your potential target audiences. We fulfill email marketing objectives through:

  • Email authentication
  • SP feedback loop analysis
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Spam check application

Provista IT Solutions has email marketing facility that can best suit to any business irrespective of nature & size. The company handles more emails as compared to any other cloud-based email service provider. We follow the best practices to ensure an appealing email delivered in the desired time.

Display Advertising:

Our display advertisements on the internet are in the form of banners that include text, images& videos. By associating with our experienced technical team, you can be assured of gaining edge over your competitors through huge conversions. We offer the following services when it comes to display ads:

  • Conversion fuel analysis
  • Landing page optimization
  • Granular reporting
  • Automated media
  • Display ad remarketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, a buzzword of digital marketing domain is the phenomenon where the associates are rewarded for referring a visitor. The four parties involved in this are: the affiliates, the merchants, the networks & the consumers. Provista IT Solutions offer the following advantages:

  • Multiple attractive offers for promotion of your product
  • Unmatched technical support
  • Affiliate fraud dictations
  • Zero fraud tolerance
  • Accounting & disbursement services
  • Real-time monitoring of transactions
  • Precise tracking facilities

Content Marketing

'Because content isn't king, it's the kingdom'

Content Marketing is a proven strategy to boost sales growth, brand awareness, retain existing business and engage new potential customers. We help you at each stage of content marketing with discipline & commitment. Our imaginative content writers produce catchy, engaging, SEO - friendly& worth-reading content that works for companies across the industry spectrum. Provista IT Solutions undertakes the following content marketing activities:

  • Bespoke plagiarism –free content building on regular basis
  • Promotion via social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Paid efforts to promote trade events, news & many more
  • Managing your Google+ accounts, Pinterest account, Twitter account & many more
  • A combination of feature image & video on YouTube
  • Meta tags creation
  • Proofreading
  • Copywriting & copyediting
  • Blogging